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Submission to GrimJam

Developers:Zachary Sharpe, Maciej Kostrewski

Designers: Giorgio Jimenez, Mason Parker


Our Game:

• 90's Horror Theme

• Detective murder mystery with supernatural elements

• Located in a swanky condo

Directions to Play: WASD movement, Q switch between lighter and flashlight and E to open and close doors.

Description: The game was intended to be like The Sixth Sense mixed with 1408

This is largely unfinished and will not receive any major updates. Our scope was way too big for this game jam.

General Intended Concept: 90's Horror Theme game that is confined to a Two-Dimensional Game-Maker Engine with game mechanics being a flashlight and a lighter. The layout is a multi-room penthouse with doors and story sprite elements that can be interacted with. We also intended to have cut scenes, voice overs, doors that would be procedurally locked and unlocked, inventory system, etc.

General Concept of Intended Story: Investigator is assigned a murder case and goes to investigate. He discovers that he is the one that committed the murders. He also discovers that he had killed himself in a locked room near the master bedroom and that he is actually in hell forced to repeat his verdict.

All art and sound made for this project was created in house by Shizwoz.

Special Thanks to Erik Greif

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Published147 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, Mystery, Spooky


TheVerdict.exe (13 MB)