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Words of the Goddess
Cleansings II 17:4-5
When presented with opportunity and welcoming it is wise to turn away from those that would corrupt your mind. But if one of, and within, your mind reaches out to you, accept it and be at peace, knowing I would never lie.

Praise Oza!

For today I have finally been accepted into the Order. I am now of the Holy Priesthood. Priest Salin they will say! It is strange feeling to be sure. I have this pressure in my chest and my tears will not stop. Such a blessing! I never thought that I would get here. Everything I had to do was very much worth it. And the way they all smiled at me as I walked through the streets and oh how the sun felt. Was it always that bright? Surely not! That is the Goddess' blessing I feel on my skin and in my heart.

Explore a procedurally generated dungeon to find cultural artifacts that might tell you more about the Areli, a culture lost in time and space. Uncover the truth about the Goddess Oza, and learn about the hardworking, seafaring people who profess belief in her. Find your way out of the dungeon before your torch runs out.

You have 300 steps.

Will you make it?

Arrow Keys to move, and you can click through the scrolls you have already picked up using the arrows. You must find all five scrolls and return to the exit before your torch runs out. The "steps" counter represents the number of steps you have before you are lost to the darkness.

This game is still heavily in development and will see several updates which will not only feature a procedurally generated story with many more peoples perspectives, but a multi level system which will increase the difficulty over time and allow for more of the story to be developed.

Assets used from the ProcJam 2d bundle, opengameart.org, and made in house by Shizwoz.

Shizwoz is:

Zachary Sharpe

Maciej Kostrzewski

Mason F Parker

Giorgio Jimenez

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